Welcome to Retro Floor Lamps where you will be able to view just about any floor lamp from the Retro Era and beyond.

The Retro period took place from the 1950s through to the mid-1970s and out of it came some innovative design and imaginative use of new technology. The retro period was also influenced by the dawning of the Space Age which gave birth to new materials. We see the use of these materials and designs in many of the retro floor lamps displayed here.

There are many interesting and exciting looking floor lamps that have formed a crucial part of the history and development of what has now become the modern floor lamp design. It might be argued that some of the original lamps that were made during the retro period were done more as a style statement rather than a functional piece of furniture.

No matter whether you want to decorate the room with a piece that you really think will make a statement or would like to use your lamp for its primary purpose of casting light around the room, there are many high quality lamps to consider.

Types of Floor Lamps

Some of the styles that should be considered for closer analysis include:

Arc Lamps

Atomic Floor Lamps

Eames Era Floor Lamps

Torchiere Floor Lamps

Danish Style Floor Lamps

Hollywood Regency Floor Lamps

Gooseneck Floor Lamps

Tripod Floor Lamps

Quoizel Floor Lamps


Or you might prefer to browse through a selection of lamps that are made from a specific material such as wood, brass, bronze or plastic.

With thousands of floor lamps for sale there is certain to be a brand or a style that will prove to fit the decor of your home. You may be looking for task lighting, ambient background lighting or a floor lamp that provides the decorative touch that will stand out and feature in the room. Where possible we would like to introduce you to the many types of lamps that are out there and direct you to places where you will find your best chance of buying one for a reasonable price.

Why Use A Floor Lamp?

The floor lamp is an extremely convenient piece of furniture for the simple fact that it can provide either wide-reaching or directional light from anywhere in a room. Because these lamps can be positioned virtually anywhere you can place them where they will perform their job best and then, as the need arises, they can be moved to another location.

No matter whether they’re placed behind a chair or couch, against a wall or in the corner, they won’t take up a lot of space but can still make a significant impact in the room.

It is possible to change up the look and feel of any floor lamp, too, by the simple application of replacing the lamp shade. Changing the color of the shade or the size or even its shape can have a significant impact on the room without even turning the light on.