Eames Era Retro Floor Lamps

When you see the descriptive term of Eames Era when speaking of furniture, floor lamps included, it is actually referring to a period that included the retro era. Eames Era overlapped the start and the end of the retro period so be aware that if you are looking for an authentic retro floor lamp, it is possible that it was designed inside the Eames Era but outside the retro period.

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Ray and Charles Eames were part of the pioneering modern style furniture movement, designing and creating innovative pieces using new technologies such as fibreglass and plastic resin. Charles Eames first came to prominence through his use of moulded plywood in the creation of his chairs. This then extended on to award winning furniture and architectural designs. Eames Era table lamps are often those types of lamps that have been made out of fiberglass, lucite or other technologies that were new to the mid-20th century.

These types of lamps take many forms catering to a wide range of room styles. They are as different to one another in many ways from the shining modern look of a chrome eyeball floor lamp to the more traditional upright cone lamp.

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