Retro Pole Floor Lamps

Some of the most striking retro floor lamps are those lamps known as pole lamps. These lamps consist of a long pole that may by a simple vertical pole or a more unusual curved pole. Coming out from either side of the pole will stick three or four lamps that may be aimed in different directions.

Pole floor lamps are available for sale here at Retro Floor Lamps in a variety of styles, made with a startling choice of materials.

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These lamps cross a number of different styles and, within the wider retro era, cover a range of shorter time frames. Look at the chrome eyeball floor lamp as a great example of a more modern looking lamp style compared with more traditional cone lamp shades. The focus is largely on the shape and size of the lamp shade to create a more distinctive looking pole lamp and it is through the various shapes that are used that the integration with the rest of the room is complete.

The retro pole floor lamps are just one type of style of floor lamp that is available at Retro Floor Lamps.

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