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Ott-Lite Floor Lamps

The creation of good quality task lighting is an important factor for many people who do close work such as sewing, quilting, doing calligraphy or reading. There are a number of different types of floor lamps that may be used to get this quality of light and one of the very good lamps available is the Ott-Lite Floor Lamp.

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This lamp is a type of gooseneck floor lamp that is designed with a weighted base under a sturdy frame topped by the gooseneck to give you directed light in whatever position it is required. For those who are working at a table and require every square inch for their work, this type of floor lamp is ideal because it can be placed next to the table leaving the tabletop clear. With the light directed from either over the shoulder or from the front as required you can be sure of getting strong light at any angle.

An important aspect to using this type of floor lamp is that it won’t strain the eyes through being overly bright. You should be able to use the light for extended periods at a time without coming away with a headache from the glare.

The light produced from the Ott-Lite floor lamp comes from an 18-watt fluorescent tube that is energy efficient. A model available is the Ott-Lite True Color floor lamp that is fitted with an Ott-Lite True Color fluorescent tube. This tube produces a clear white light that is almost as even as natural light. For performing close task work this light is ideal ensuring you can see exactly what you are doing without any distracting shadows.

The Ott-Lite floor lamp is definitely the kind of lamp you should be buying if you are serious about getting quality lighting for close work. The look is clean and modern with a vaguely retro feel about the gooseneck style.

Tripod Floor Lamps

Some of the most distinguished and interesting looking floor lamps have come from the Eames Era collection out of the retro period. Tripod floor lamps are particularly distinctive and provide a signficant look for any room.

There is a vast range of tripod floor lamps available that will display your creativity and eclectic style. It is immediately apparent that the style you are going for is tending towards the funky with a base that is very reminiscent of a camera tripod. Pair that with a retro-style drum lamp shade and you have a lamp that will dominate the room.

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The majority of tripod floor lamps will be made with metal legs but you will find that this won’t limit the variety in styles or colors. Look for tripod legs that have been crafted with special features such as twists, etched and engraved faces and other imaginative designs.

The legs comprise the largest part of the lamp and so it is important that this part blends in with the rest of the room. A lamp with chrome or stainless steel legs will come across as having a more modern appearance.

As with any other lamp the lamp shade will give you the chance to exercise your decorative creativity. You can go with a traditional or retro design in a fabric drum shade or something more contemporary might be your preferred option. By shopping around or browsing thoroughly you will be sure to come up with something that will fit in nicely with your design aesthetic.

There are many tripod floor lamps for sale on this page and even if you can't see the exact type you're after you can scroll through the subsequent pages to find more that might be more to your liking.

Some of the specific lamps to look out for inlude the Triconi tripod floor lamp, the retro looking Fangio Lighting tripod floor lamp and the satin steel finish of the Grandrich tripod floor lamp. A very stylish looking type is a director's tripod floor lamp which features a very high apex of the base that meets directly underneath the lamp shade. A good director's tripod floor lamp is ideally a sleek black color and this type of lamp will add elegance to the room for a price tag that is well under $300.

In stark contrast to the director's lamp, the studio tripod floor lamp features a base where the three legs come to an apex relatively low to the ground. The tripod floor lamp base is adjustable in height and can be collapsed for easy manoeuvrability.

Depending on the underlying theme of the room into which it is going to be positioned you might choose to buy a wooden tripod floor lamp as opposed to one with a metal base. The wood base will stand out in contrast to the lamp shade and provides a very attractive accent when placed with a drum shade.

All of these different types of tripod floor lamps are available in a variety of sizes, heights and lamp shades giving you a tremendous opportunity to create something special with a piece of furniture that can sometimes be overlooked.