Best Selling Torchiere Floor Lamps

There are many different types of torchiere floor lamps available for sale, some of them appeal to people in large numbers and some of them are not quite as appealing. There are 3 very popular torchiere floor lamps listed below and they represent 3 of the most popular sold on Amazon. Browse through these 3 torchiere lamps for your opportunity to...

Buy A Torchiere Floor Lamp

Good Earth Lighting GL6543-BK-GLI Lincoln Park Tochiere with Opal Glass Diffuser, Black
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So what makes the Good Earth Lighting GL6543-BK-GLI Lincoln Park Torchiere Lamp such a popular lamp. It could have something to do with the simple and uncomplicated lines that ensure it will fit into any room, it could also have something to do with the fact that it costs less than $50.00 which is a bargain.

The lamp features a strong and sturdy base to ensure that it is solidly anchored and the 55-watt energy-efficient fluorescent bulb emits a warm light that easily brightens the room. The opal diffuser helps to send the light into all parts of the room so that the ambient light reaches into every corner. The light is a white light rather than the yellow glow of a halogen light and it features a dimmer switch so that the mood of the lighting can be quickly changed if required.

Those who praised the lamp were impressed with the ease with which the lamp could be unwrapped from its packaging and placed into position. It is ready for use within 10 minutes from unwrapping it. As long as the pieces are properly screwed together there should be no problem with the lamp stand and top becoming misaligned.

MaxLite 70-Watt Fluorescent 3-way Torchiere Black Floor Lamp
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Another contemporary style torchiere floor lamp for under $50.00 and another lamp that has the Energy Approved rating. The 3-way switch gives you the option of the light setting at which it can be set with the three setting being 18/26/45 watt settings.

This is another uncomplicated looking torchiere floor lamp that can be used in jsut about any setting you choose. it can be placed in the room where it won't become overbearing or look out of place.

Basic Polished Steel Finish Engineer Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp
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Here's something that looks a little different but can suit a modern contemporary room with a look that is eye catching for different reasons to the torchiere floor lamps featured above. This is a very stylish lamp that features a dimmer switch to control the flow of light it produces. It is an attractive lamp with a brightness level that is below that of the others which some people might appreciate. The key with this lamp is the production of a mellow ambient light in the office by which you can work.

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