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Eyeball Floor Lamps

One of the more distinctive styles of retro floor lamps is the eyeball floor lamp. The round lamp shade that gives the lamp its name not only provides an interesting visual element to the lamp but it helps to direct and focus the light in a tighter beam.

There are a number of different ways in which the eyeball floor lamp is presented with the main requirement being that the lamp shade has the distinctive round shape. Take a look at the selection of eyeball floor lamps displayed for sale below to find a type that suits the style of your home.

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The eyeball floor lamp is available either as a single lamp with just the one light sitting at the end of a long lamp pole, or as a multiple light piece with two or three lamp shades positioned along the length of the lamp pole. One of the more favored types of eyeball lamp shades uses chrome in a highly polished looking assembly. Lamps that follow the Modern Eames style may be distinguished with this type of look and the effect is very impressive, creating a clean, modern appearance using a style that has been around for more than a century.

Another example of an eyeball floor lamp is the ever-popular Arc Lamp. This is a lamp that is useful for providing light over a wide range of the room through the span of the lamp pole with the lamp shade helping to direct the light itself. It is an iconic style of lamp and is useful as a directional light piece as well as for its design aesthetic.

Interior Decorating With Retro Lamps

The ever-turning circle of fashion has once again moved around to the retro style, even when it comes to floor lamps. The styles and fashions that we thought we'd seen the last of a decade ago are re-emerging as the latest thing in chic design and people are going mad for it. In fact, one of interior furnishings mainstays throughout the eras has been the humble lamp and while bench surfaces, chairs, lounges and most other room items have gone through drastic changes, many of the retro lamps that emerged in the 1950s and 60s are still preferred today.

The great thing about decorating in retro style is that almost anything goes, as long as it is fun, combines shapes and colors and looks unique. Floor lamps such as the Arco lamp that reaches from one side of the reading chair to the other still looks appropriate, as does the square lampshade on a wooden pedestal base. From there it's up to your own discerning eye as to how funky you want to make the lamp shade with options of trimmings, tassels or prints to bring out your retro preference.

You can buy a retro floor lamp here today.

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The great thing about deciding on a retro lamp is that if you don't particularly like the look of the traditional lamps from the era, you also have the more space-aged looking lamps that were inspired by the exuberance of the post-war optimism. New products such as melamine spattered with chrome and designs that were sleek and sophisticated combined to produce a very forward thinking look.

The great thing about using the vintage retro lamps that your parents loved is that the burnt orange lamp shades or the avocado ceramic lamp stand is now cool again because, well because it's retro.