Eyeball Floor Lamps

One of the more distinctive styles of retro floor lamps is the eyeball floor lamp. It is a mid-century design that was introduced by Robert Sonneman and the authentic examples that are around today are greatly sought after. The round lamp shade that gives the lamp its name not only provides an interesting visual element to the lamp but it helps to direct and focus the light in a tighter beam.

There are a number of different ways in which the eyeball floor lamp is presented with the main requirement being that the lamp shade has the distinctive round shape. Take a look at the selection of eyeball floor lamps displayed for sale below to find a type that suits the style of your home.

The eyeball floor lamp is available either as a single lamp with just the one light sitting at the end of a long lamp pole, or as a multiple light piece with two or three lamp shades positioned along the length of the lamp pole.

One of the more favored types of eyeball lamp shades uses chrome in a highly polished looking assembly. Lamps that follow the Modern Eames style may be distinguished with this type of look and the effect is very impressive, creating a clean, modern appearance using a style that has been around for more than a century.

Fully Adjustable Options

You are not limited to a fixed height lamp either. It is possible to buy an adjustable height lamp where the lamp pole consists of two pieces with a swivel that can bring the lamp down low overhead to provide specific lighting for close work.

As an example, the adjustable chrome lamp that is pictured above can be raised or lowered and the arc arm swivels and it is also possible to pivot the shade. This gives you the opportunity to position the light to wherever you need it.

Another example of an eyeball floor lamp is the ever-popular Arc Lamp. This is a lamp that is useful for providing light over a wide range of the room through the span of the lamp pole with the lamp shade helping to direct the light itself. It is an iconic style of lamp and is useful as a directional light piece as well as for its design aesthetic.

If One Light Is Good, Maybe Two Is Better

A single lamp will do the trick for a smaller room or for the case where only a single work space will be utilised. But there are also times where more light is needed and it needs to be thrown in a number of different directions.

That’s where these multiple-headed lamps are just the idea. Not only will they provide two or three times as much light in the room but they can be adjusted to send that light in vastly different directions. Pictured below are a few of the different options that are available. 

What About More Than 2!

For the ultimate in flexibility you could also choose an eyeball lamp that features 3 or more lamps on the central pole. The lights themselves may all have separate switches so you could have 1, 2 or all 3 on at the same time.

As you can see from the image above, it is not only possible to position each light at a chosen angle, it is also possible to slide them up and down the central pole so that they might sit at the required height.

These mid-century floor lamps are exceptional pieces of furniture that clearly provide you with a functional lighting system that also looks good and will fit into most modern designs. 

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