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The Arco Lamp

The Arco lamp was originally designed in 1962 by Castiglioni and was a design breakthough by providing overhead lighting without the need for a ceiling light fixture. The Arco lamp is a retro icon with copies now being made at a frantic rate as the demand is building once again.

Here are some Arco lamps in the retro style available for sale.

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The Arco floor lamp was a versatile lamp because of the long reach it has and can be positioned away from the direct area it is lighting, unlike most other floor lamps of the time. Multi-headed Arco's also meant that overhead lighting could be but provided in many other parts of the room. The lamp was inspired by the way street lighting was structured and is a convenient way to make the most use of space.

The uses for the Arco lamp are obviously widely varied but the image that comes most readily to mind is as a reading lamp that can be positioned perfectly to provide the best lighting for the eyes. These kinds of lamps have been adapted into more modern designs but the same basic concept has been kept faithfully over the years.

It is now possible to buy an Arco lamp that has been recently manufactured but faithfully reproduces the retro style.